Return to Your Redeemer

Spend the last hours of the year in silence, in recollection, and in prayer.

Beloved sons, I am your heavenly Mother, and I am presently arranging a great plan of love, to hasten the advent of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. For never as in these moments has the world been in such need of my maternal presence.

The world is walking along the roads of hatred and obstinate rejection of God, of violence and immorality. Despite all the continuing invitations sent by the Divine Mercy, humanity persists in remaining deaf to every summons.

The signs the Lord sends are neither understood nor accepted; the dangers, pointed out by ‘my Pope’ (John Paul II) who courageously and anxiously is predicting the storm awaiting you, are not believed.

The messages which I give, through simple and little souls chosen by me in every part of the world, are not taken into consideration.

The appearances which I am still making, often in faraway and dangerous places, are ignored. And yet you are only inches from your ruin. When all will be shouting for peace, a new world war could suddenly fall upon you, spreading death and destruction everywhere.

When they will say: ‘Tranquillity and security,’ then could begin the very greatest overthrow of peoples and individuals. (cf. 1 Thes 5:3) How much blood I see flowing in all the streets of the world!

How many of my poor children I see weeping because of the scourge of fire, famine and terrible destruction!

The Lord is at the doors of this generation, and during the Holy Year of his Redemption, He still knocks on the hearts of all, with insistence and love.

Return to your God, who wishes to save you and to lead you to peace! Return to your Redeemer! Open your hearts to Christ who is coming!

The moments you are living are of grave urgency. For this reason I would ask you to spend the last hours of the year on your knees, in confident and unceasing prayer. Unite your voices with the powerful supplication of your heavenly Mother, who is imploring for all the great miracle of divine mercy.

(Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi, December 31, 1983.)

Mary Co-Redemptrix

Mediatrix of Graces